IN the aftermath of widespread condemnation, the Lahore High Court has slapped a ban on Facebook for having blasphemous content on one of its sites. Denigrating the religion of Islam, which stands for peace and love and the personality of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is unacceptable. Such abusive material should be condemned in all its forms and manifestations. Shocked by the move, the Facebook administration has now woken up and is investigating the matter. It is obvious that the publication of the abusive cartoons was a clear violation of its terms of use. The argument that there are millions of users with accounts on Facebook and that it is difficult to keep an eye on all those violating the code is weak. Whenever someone breaks the rules, the activity is instantly reported and so one had wished that Facebook managers had banned the page straightaway. They cannot absolve themselves from the blame of allowing the troublemaking users to go about their evil ways. Now it remains to be seen whether the Facebook offers an apology and cancels the membership of the individual who had actually created the page bearing the caricatures. This lapse should be severely condemned. Perhaps the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority could have effectively followed the LHCs orders by imposing a block on the particular URL, since a complete ban on the Facebook site has taken away from Muslim users the opportunity to condemn the profane sketches. They could have launched an effective counter-campaign as well on the same site. Now the Muslim voices are lost so it is up to Muslim states to take up this issue through international fora in the strongest possible terms. Sadly enough, some Westerners have started to mistake Muslim bashing with freedom of expression, which is a sad reflection on their notions of liberalism and free speech. It certainly shows the prejudice of the Western civilisation against the Islamic word. On the military front, they have unleashed a blood and thunder attack on the Muslim populations of Iraq, Kashmir, Palestine and Afghanistan. And on the cultural side too they have been waging a systemic campaign demonising Muslim men and women. Islam on the other hand exhorts its followers not to demean any of the divine religions. And Muslims have always had great reverence for Christ and other messengers of God. Therefore, the West will only undermine its religio-cultural foundations if it chooses to respond to our compassion with such venomous attacks. It is high time that those quarters deliberately trying to create a West-Islam rift were stopped.