U.S. President Barack Obama accepted the resignation of U.S. Director of National Intelligence Adm. (Ret.) Dennis Blair on Friday. "Over the course of many decades, Admiral Blair has served with great integrity, intellect, and commitment to our country and the values that we hold dear. During his time as DNI, our intelligence community has performed admirably and effectively at a time of great challenges to our security, and I have valued his sense of purpose and patriotism," Obama said in a statement. Blair, who coordinated the activities of 16 U.S. special services including CIA, submitted his resignation on Thursday night. According to previous media reports, the resignation came as a result of recent major intelligence failures, including last November's Fort Hood shooting spree by Major Nidal Hasan, which left 13 people killed and some 30 wounded. Informed sources told ABC News they had doubts that Blair retained "the full and complete confidence of the president" after two failed bombings took place on the U.S. territory - the 2009 Christmas Day attempt to blow up a U.S. plane over Detroit and the April Times Square bombing attempt.