ISLAMABAD - Security is an issue but Pakistan needs to redress structural problems of governance in order to lure Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that was direly required to maintain its competitive position in the global world. This was the crux of a roundtable discussion with visiting Professor of Law of the State University of New York (University at Buffalo Law School) David A Westbrook . Talking to a select group of journalists organised by the American Embassy here, Westbrook said that the Government needs to be effective having trust of the people. Being effective with regards to the governance never means to be dominant. While suggesting effectiveness of the government never means privatisation but the private as well as the public sector should be cooperating in ideal situation, he said. I am not the one from the State Department to answer this question, was his response to the queries regarding overwhelming influence of the US in Pakistans political economy and also the instances of double standards in supporting dictators here. Still I would say that the competitive position of Pakistan could not be entirely dependent on the both Houses of the Congress or even the Administration in the US, he added. Expressing sympathies for the reported unfair treatment given to Pakistan by the US he said, policies even in the US like all other countries are being emanating from various kinds of bureaucracies that not necessarily coordinate with each other. It is fragmented thing much more than the way it appears as just one US administration from outside, he added. Listing down the problems with the Pakistans economy not winning sufficient foreign direct investment, he said, I cannot say security is the number one problem but it is a huge issue followed by corruption. Shortage of energy is next. Revenues at 9 percent to GDP is also a big issue, he added. On the plus side, he said, Pakistan has potentially strong labour force and abundant natural resources that need to be tapped. Its banking system is relatively sound. Therefore problem is that of scale not the content, he maintained. Thus to lure foreign direct investment, he said, Pakistan needs to ensure transparency in governance as against corruption and confusion, adhere to its global position in the multilateral context, and finally competition and regulations. He was of the view that Pakistan should open trade with India, notwithstanding the importance of the bilateral issues with the neighbouring country. I know the history is very hard between India and Pakistan but it was also the case with France and Germany that now opened trade between them, he opined. He was of the view that free press as well as judiciary were also prerequisite to ensure an environment that attracts foreign direct investment for the economies to proper. As I understand the Access to Information law in Pakistan needs to be looked at again in addition to the resolution of issue including lack of implementation, the Professor maintained.