ISLAMABAD (Online) Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Spokesman Muhammad Siddiq-ul-Farooq Thursday said the President House had become a den of financial corruption and moral turpitude since the election of Asif Ali Zardari as president. Talking to the media persons at PML-N media centre, Farooq while terming it as height of hypocrisy said on the one hand the PPP-led government had received Benazir Bhutto assassination probe report by a UN commission but on the other the Presidency was protecting her killers, adding that the President House was obstructing the rule of law and Constitution. Accusing President Zardari of being morally weak and bankrupt, he said he was fighting the battle for his survival through his stooges who were also facing the charges of corruption and misuse of authority like their master. Siddiq continued his onslaught, saying the PPP always licked the boots of military dictators to get into power, as dictators like Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan and Pervez Musharraf nurtured, pampered and protected the PPP and paved the way for its entry to the corridors of power. If the PPP leaders had not broken the nose of J Rahim, if Iftikhar Tari had not been sent to a torture centre, if the Liaquat Bagh meeting of Jamhoori Action Committee had not be fired upon by the FSF personnel, if Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan had not been murdered and if the PPP had not massively rigged the 1977 general election, 'late Gen Ziaul Haq would not have imposed martial law in the country, Farooq opined. He said the PPP leaders and workers spoke highly of the eight-year incarceration of President Zardari but it was a naked fact that he had fled the country when the PPP govt was breathing its last. Zardari came running back after an assurance that there was no threat to the PPP govt and was arrested from the Governors House Lahore. While behind the bars, Mr Zardari went to all lengths to make a deal for his release but all his efforts failed. At last, on 22nd of November 2004 he managed to get out after a striking a deal with Musharraf that he would hijack the PPP, he accused the president. In order to hijack the party, Mr Zardari tried to take out rallies in the country with the help of some stooges; however, after the interference by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, Zardari became a lonely wolf and went abroad with the permission of his benefactor, Pervez Musharraf, Farooq claimed. Those involved in mudslinging on PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif without any reason should first tell who was called as Mr 10 Per Cent, who made a deal (NRO) with Musharraf for removal of corruption cases against him, who black marketed the Bambino Cinema tickets, who accorded guard of honour to the assassin of Benazir Bhutto while leaving the presidential office, and who refused to arrest the killers of Benazir Bhutto? Farooq asked. Ignoring the recommendations of the UN commission on Benazir Bhuttos assassination, Farooq said, the president constituted another committee to let the things linger on. Everybody knows who is protecting Rehman Malik and Babar Awan and who is the killer of Khalid Shahenshah. Those looking for the right answers should go through Christina Lambs report, he suggested. Answering a question, the PML-N spokesman said Nawaz Sharif had even a single corruption case against him, military dictator Musharraf would not have to institute false and fabricated plane hijacking and helicopter cases. In sharp contrast, he said, Zardari was facing a number of corruption cases and that was the reason why he had to produce fake medical certificates and make other excuses to save him from being proceeded against. He said Nawaz was handcuffed and chained to the seat in the plane and kept in isolation at Attock Fort, while Zardari enjoyed all perks and privileges during his imprisonment and stayed at hospital where the entire floor was reserved for him. He said unluckily the troika running the party and government was not using political wisdom but the corrupt mentality to tackle the challenges. Farooq claimed if Zardari and his cohorts had been politically wise, they would have joined forces with Nawaz to strengthen the rule of law and Constitution in the country. Praising the PML-N leadership, he said it was a reflection of strong character of Nawaz that he was still holding an olive branch to those who had removed the PML-N government in the Punjab, imposed Governors Rule in the province, scrapped the agreement for restoration of judiciary and used Dogar court for disqualification of both the brothers. He said Zardari criticised Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan only because he had been exposing his corruption since his election to the office of the president.