KARACHI - The government of Sindh would set up Steel Fabricated Grain Storage Development scheme with a cost of Rs8.874 billion. The scheme was approved by Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) which met under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary (Development) Aurang Zeb Haque at Committee Room of Planning and Development Department on Thursday. The scheme sent to the Federal Government for financial assistance to implement it in next fiscal year. The other four development schemes of Local Government, Works & Services and Agriculture Departments worth of Rs 3005 million were also approved by the PDWP. The Secretary Agriculture briefed the meeting about the development scheme of establishment of Steel Fabricated Grain storages in Sindh (non-ADP) and said that the over all purpose and objective of the project is to develop innovative, rapid and effective storage facilities in the province of Sindh to ensure food security. The specific objective of the project is the establishment of grain storage unit of 880,000 metric ton capacity at Karachi (one unit) and 10,800 metric tons capacity in each Talukas of Sindh . Introduce innovative and cost effective technology for on-site rapid development of grain storage system. Develop grain storage facilities to ensure food security by saving on the storage losses in the province. Launch awareness campaign to build capacity and skills of farmers and the private sector for enhancing and maintaining their storage capacity to store surplus food grains especially for subsequent feasible marketing. The secretaries of other departments also briefed their respective development schemes including Umbrella scheme PC-1 Infrastructure Development of Electrical works in different Union Councils of Karachi (Karachi Rural package) worth of Rs18 million, Construction of Arterial Road from Hyderabad Bye pass to Ghanghra Mori on Akram Wah (Hyderabad development package) worth of Rs2897.20 million, Improvement of Road from SITE Area (Golimar) to Old Sukkur via Numaish ground Fire Brigade, Bakhar chowk Mile 0/0-3/0 and link to Qureshi Goth0/0-0/4(PMs Directive) worth of Rs50 million and establishment of Project Management Unit(PMU) in Sindh worth of Rs 40.023 million were also discussed at length and approved by the PDWP.