LAHORE The young footballers of Iran and seven South Asian nations will undergo skill tests today (Friday), in the AFC U14 Festival of Football before playing 12 60-minute matches in Format-II on May 22, 23. The 24 matches in Format-I, having 30-minutes duration, were played on first two days of competition. The event is in progress under IR Iran Football Federation at Municipality Sports Complex, Hamedan, a town 336 KM from the capital Tehran. Pakistan is among eight participants alongwith Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and host Iran. The AFC introduced skills tests to give an opportunity for Under-14 players to practice the selected basic skills and test the current basic skills for these players in Asia and to identify talented players, said Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat. He hoped that Pakistani skipper Muneer Ahmed, Vice Captain Malik Dilshad Ahmed and other twenty players will show their ability and get applause from Hamedan fans. The event is a regular program of the AFC meant to groom up the youngsters as the future booters, where they learn the ins and out of the fair play and other basics, skills to play soccer, added Faisal. The skills test will be held from 9 AM to 12 noon and 3 PM to 6 PM. It will be comprised of following five flair. Short Passing : The player shall make a short pass through the target goal from behind the base line (No. of attempts : 5). Long Passing : The player shall execute a long, aerial pass towards the target from behind the base line (No. of attempts : 5). Dribbling : The player shall dribble (slalom) between the five cones from the start line and upon reaching the end cone, turn and dribble back to the start line. He must cross the line with the ball within his playing distance. Upon recovery, the player shall make his second attempt (No. of attempts: 2). Juggling : The player, within the area, shall juggle the ball and must use various parts of the body except the arms and the hands. If the ball drops to the ground, the player is allowed to pick it up by his foot and continue juggling. If the player or the ball stray out of the circle, the counting shall stop until he or the ball moves back inside (No. of attempts: 2). Shooting : The player shall shoot at goal 16.45 meter away from the goal line. He shall not make a pass into goal and must be seen to actually shoot at goal with maximal effort (No. of attempts: 5).