LAHORE (PPI) - Synflorix GSKs childhood pneumo-coccal vaccine has achieved outstanding recognition by winning the Best Prophylactic Vaccine at the recent Vaccine Industry Excellence awards held at the 2010 World Vaccine Congress in Washington. The innovative vaccine was chosen for this award over five other candidates which included pneumococcal, meningococcal and H1N1 vaccines. The international judging panel of top executives and industry experts selected Synflorix(tm) for this award as it addresses global medical needs. Synflorix(tm) helps prevent pneumococcal infections such as meningitis and pneumonia that currently kill close to one million young children worldwide. The vaccine also offers protection against middle ear infections, one of the most common childhood diseases thought to affect over three quarters of children under three years of age. Additionally, the judges recognised that Synflorix(tm) shows significant potential for vast geographical and market reach and possesses novel technology. The vaccine has a unique design using an innovative carrier protein derived from non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi), which helps reduce the risk of interference when co-administering Synflori-x(tm) with other paediatric vaccines. Progress made to date through clinical trials and / or achieved milestones and significant data were also key factors involved in the judging process. When commenting on the award, the judges said of Synflorix(tm): In the very competitive field of new prophylactic vaccines, this vaccine addresses the most prevalent pneumococcal strains in global markets and was clearly intended from the start to address the global burden of invasive pneumococcal disease. Also noted was: The quality of the candidates science and its commitment to the early availability in developing countries set a new standard for commercial development of vaccines.