ISLAMABAD The US strategy to do miracle against Taliban in Kandahar through the planned operation is likely to fail despite so-called efforts to improve security on Pak-Afghan border. Well-placed military sources and analysts said that the US efforts to install a new aerial system to improve security on Pak-Afghan border ahead of Kandahar offensive would not make any difference. A senior security official while speaking on condition of the anonymity said that Pak-Afghan border could only be sealed through massive deployment of troops. The move would be counter productive like other failed measures. Only the US contractors would get benefit from the new security system, the source said. The US has provided an aerial system to Afghan Government to secure the Spin Boldak border ahead of the military operation. The Persistent Surveillance System (PSS), which comprises an unarmed aerostat (a blimp) with mounted camera equipment, will allow Afghan and Pakistani security forces to monitor the border region more effectively. The blimp near Spin Boldak is flown on a tether covering more than a thousand meters to make round of the clock surveillance of an area possible. However, informed sources were of the view that US stuck as far as its plans to launch a military operation in Kandahar , the stronghold of Afghan Taliban, was concerned. They said Pakistan could help the US only in capturing if any high value target tried to enter Pakistan. But it was out of question that Pak-Afghan border could be sealed without massive deployment of troops.