MANDI BAHAUDDIN-There was a mixed reaction to the Supreme Court's verdict in Panama Leaks case as both the parties were happy with the decision terming it in their favour and against the opponent.
Lawyers supporting the PML-N and PTI distributed sweets to the bar members in bar room, claiming the verdict as victory for their respective parties. Supporters of other political parties showed disappointment over the verdict. They said it was split verdict. Two senior judges gave ruling that Nawaz Sharif was not Sadiq and Ameen thus he stands disqualified to hold membership of the National Assembly and premiership, they said.
About formation of the JIT to interrogate the sons of Nawaz Sharif, they said it was just a drama. People in general were not happy on the verdict. A cycle mechanic Akhtar said courts follow different laws for the rich and the poor. People have no trust in judiciary and other government departments as they behave like masters and do not do justice to their duties, he said.
Advocate Muniba Gondal said the SC had not given clean chit to Nawaz Sharif so the verdict is against him. However, she said the court did not have strong evidence to disqualify him as prime minister.
Farmer Ijaz said the use of apex court by the politicians in power game was not a good practice. Proper forum for them is the parliament, he added. He said politicians and public should unite for making the country stable and avoid holding protest rallies. They should prepare for coming general elections that are scheduled to be held next year, he said. He further said almost all the politicians were equally honest or dishonest and no one among them is Sadiq and Ameen.