PHEW! You can let out your breath now - the earth is still safely on its sphere despite ‘Doomsdayer’ predictions of an impending apocalypse to coincide with the end of the Mayan age.
The human race has successfully navigated the 11.11am deadline on 21.12.12 - at least it appears so with no reports of the globe being besieged by raining fire or killer earthquakes.
For centuries, the ending of the Mayan calendar, which occurs Friday, has been taken as a sign of an impending Armageddon. But now there may be a few sheepish looks in a corner of south-east France, which was cited as the only safe spot, unless of course that UFO did turn up and they just haven’t told us about it.
With Australia one of the first countries to see the sun rise on what is supposed to be the end of days, Tourism Australia’s Facebook page was bombarded with posts asking if anyone survived Down Under. Yes, we’re alive,’ the organisation responded to worried users.
Scientists in Taiwan also had their tongues firmly in cheek, setting up a two-story replica of a Mayan pyramid and planting an electronic countdown timer on top, drawing crowds at the National Museum of Natural Science.
‘This is not the end of the world. This is the beginning of the new world,’ Star Johnsen-Moser, an American seer, said at a gathering of hundreds of spiritualists at a convention centre in Mexico’s Yucatan city of Merida, an hour and a half from the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.
‘It is most important that we hold a positive, beautiful reality for ourselves and our planet. ... Fear is out of place. As the appointed time came and went in several parts of the world, there was no sign of the apocalypse.
Indeed, the social network Imgur posted photos of clocks turning midnight in the Asia-Pacific region with messages such as: ‘The world has not ended. Sincerely, New Zealand.’
Five ‘hippies’ including one brandishing a Taser gun were turned back by French police as they tried to enter a mountain village tipped to avoid the end of the world today. Bugarach, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, is said to contain a mystical UFO garage which will ferry people off planet earth as the Mayan Calendar runs out.
Doomsday followers were convinced here will be no December 22nd for anyone except for those who make it to the hamlet, which has a population of 189 people.
It had swelled to around three times that amount today, with some 200 journalists joining mainly ‘New Age types’. But the 100 odd police set up road blocks and said no-one else would be allowed up until after Christmas.
‘We’ve stopped five hippies so far, including one who was carrying a Taser,’ said a local police spokesman, adding: ‘All agreed to turn back from trying to get to the village, which is overcrowded enough as it is. ‘There are a few more New Age types around - the kind you get at illegal raves - but they’re not causing any problems.’
Nasa had tried to calm fears that doomsday was due with the release of a video of a senior scientist dispelling the various rumours of impending apocalypse.                           –Daily Mail