The other day, Gigi Hadid was walking around Milan minding her own business, when a "fan" (AKA celebrity "prankster" Vitalii Sediuk) felt the need to pick her up without asking. Which definitely counts as assault, in case anyone is unclear.

Here's the terrifying video:

Because she was being groped by a total stranger, Gigi did what any girl would do: she elbowed him in the face and tried to escape. But strangely, the supermodel has been called out for her behavior—and she's having none of it.

To be clear, when faced with an unknown man trying to pick you up, it is 100 percent better to pull a Gigi and elbow them in the face than politely sit there and feel out the situation. Yes? Yes. A thousand times yes.

Gigi = a role model in more ways than one.

COURTESY: Marie Claire