FAISALABAD - Chairman of Jeevay Pakistan Jeevay Maqami-Hakoomat (JPJM) Daniyal Aziz has said that democracy is unacceptable wherein the poor have been deprived of even a single time meal and are compelled to sell their children and commit suicide.
He pointed out that in local government there was no inflation, adding, “I defy this form of democracy where prices of petrol and electricity are sky-rocketing and the poor is unable to pay school and hospital fees. He said the days of corrupt rulers are numbered and now the poor would be empowered and would be masters of their own fate. He was addressing a largely attended JPJM convention here on Sunday.
Daniyal Aziz argued that the inflation was caused to benefit billionaires sitting in the assembly who had no concern with the plight of the poor. The provincial governments are deliberately violating Constitution and utilizing the Local Government (LG) funds and intentionally delaying the local government election which is a blatant violation of Article 140A of the Constitution,” he claimed. He said the unemployment was on the rising and jobless youth was roaming on the roads with degrees in their hands while the government had failed to provide them employment opportunities.
Daniyal Aziz said that today’s huge public participation shook the throne of rulers and if anybody tried to hinder the way of struggle for local governments, which was the democratic right of people, more resistance would be shown against it. More such conventions are being organized across the country to show the rulers that how desperately people want their own system of governance,” he pointed out.
The JPJM chief argued that the separation of judiciary from the executive was also the institutional basis that would ensure protection of women, minorities and underprivileged. Separation of judiciary from the executive is the only way to establish a system where the rule of law prevails thereby ensuring that the executive is equally answerable before the court of law for its actions rather than the executive itself being a court,” said Daniyal Aziz
He said that not only this movement is mobilizing the public it is fighting legal battle as well. Local Council Associations since the last 3 years have filed 27 cases in the Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts in four provinces for the restoration of Local Governments and against the appointment of administrator in place of Nazims but there is no progress in the courts against these constitutional violations. Chief Justice should see that why these cases have been kept pending for so long. He said that the historic Judgment of Balochistan High court has restored the supremacy of the constitution and has foiled all efforts to curb the independence of judiciary. Such decisions are needed in other provinces as well to give people their due rights.
Public Safety Commissions are non-functional due to suspension of Police Order 2002 and people at local level are facing severe violation of human rights. The rights of women, minorities and labourers have been usurped by delaying the local government polls by the provinces,” Daniyal said and added that every union council would be empowered financially and given the powers of tehsil and every tehsil would be given the powers of a district
A huge number of people attended the event that included thousands of common people, women, youth, former UC, Tehil and district Nazims, former councillors and citizens attended the public meeting.