RAWALPINDI - Terrorists are destroying the peace and prosperity of Pakistan for their own agenda and vested interest. In the prevailing circumstances, it is need of the hour that the entire nation should get united against the elements who are inimical to and hell-bent on destabilising the country.
Pakistan has been bestowed with great potential prerequisite for progress and prosperity. However, the ongoing terrorism has been hampering and creating obstacles for local and foreign investors. This was the crux of speeches delivered at a seminar titled “Terrorism versus Humanity” jointly organised by Global Survivors Network and SCREAM, at Community Centre Islamabad.
SCREAM Chairperson Waqar Khalid shared some accounts of his own life about terror incidents, saying that it was some bad experiences during his education days that had forced him to stand up and fight against the menace. He continued that since then he was visiting educational institutions and meeting with the civil society to team up against terrorism which was weakening Pakistan with every passing day. He said peaceful country can grow as the investments move to safer places.
The speakers argued that the terrorists attacking schools, colleges, mosques, shopping centres, shrines and other civic places were not Muslims. They said they were agents of the elements who were working on their agenda to weakening Pakistan. They pointed out that if public extended support to the cause by keeping an eye on the activities of such unscrupulous people, the menace could be controlled.
A Phd student from International Islamic University Islamabad in his speech said that the terrorists who were killing innocent people in the name of Islam were agents of Jews. He said that no Muslim can take the life of any human being.