LAHORE – The PTI , in a bid to announce its manifesto kick-starting the electioneering and taking oath from the newly elected office-bearers, will hold a public meeting at Minar-e-Pakistan today (Saturday).
Talking about the arrangements, the PTI leaders said over 70,000 chairs were arranged at Minar-e-Pakistan, while millions of participants would sit on the ground and surroundings of the public meeting venue.
They said that three thousand volunteers of the PTI would take up the security duty in addition to the 2,000 police personnel. They added that five entry and exit gates established of which two were used for the male participants, one for the female and two for the emergency. They said 16 walkthrough gates were installed at the venue of the public meeting.
The PTI leaders said various music bands would sing national and party jingles during the meeting. Senior party leaders, besides party chairman would address the meeting.
Banners, flexes and posters of the PTI inviting the masses to attend the Minar-e-Pakistan moot were seen in the City, while the venue was also crowded by similar signsboards and flexes. The PTI leadership claimed that more than five lac people were expected to participate in the public meeting.
Meanwhile, PTI chairman Imran Khan talking to reporters on Friday said that March 23 would prove turning point in the political history of Pakistan, which would help the party to attract the swing vote.
He announced that PTI would make 18-member cabinet if voted to power, while it would give solution to the major problems facing the country in 90 days.
Commenting over the ticket awarding process, he said district leaderships would send three names to the central parliamentary board, while central board with the assistance of provincial boards would finalize the tickets in five days. He claimed that PTI would field candidates from all the national and provincial constituencies of the country.
Imran said that PTI would establish Pakistan Political Fund to steer the country out of the financial crisis.
Talking about the political alliance with other parties, he said that PTI would neither make seat adjustment with parties having militant wings and the parties’ part of the former governments at the centre and provinces.
Imran said that no parliamentarian of the PTI would get development funds if party voted to power, while the funds would channel through the district governments.
He condemned Umer Sarfraz Cheema for filing an objection petition against Javed Hashmi taking cheap plea.
Imran added that Hafeez Ullah Niazi has nothing to do with the PTI , what he said about the PTI was his personal opinion.