KHANEWAL - DPO Dr Muhammad Waqar Abbasi has said that the number of challenges for police department has increased with the growing public expectations, so that it is the time to change the traditional police culture .
He was addressing the meeting of all the DSPs and SHOs of the district here at his office on Thursday. He has said that Punjab Police’s mission is to fight criminals. He urged all the police officers to minimise distance between citizens and police .
DPO Waqar Abbasi warned all the SHOs that no one would be spared, if any complaint of miss behaviour with public and deliberate delay in the registration of FIR is submitted. He said that police should strive to uphold the values of the department. He directed all the DSPs and SHOs to develop internal accountability against corruption and misuse of powers.
The DPO also directed the DSPs of Khanewal to maintain merit in recruitments, postings and promotions. He disclosed that in the district, three police stations were being upgraded as model PS in which latest facilities would be provided to the police force to interrogate cases on scientific methods.