An appreciative step has been taken by the Sindh government to re-conduct the entrance tests of medical Universities, which were conducted through NTS with corrupt process.

We, who are already backward in resources in Sindh , do personally appreciate and admire the great efforts of the government and health department towards reforming meritocracy in Sindh . The test will be re-conducted within fifteen days through Dow University of Health Science (DUHS), Karachi. The cries, slogans and protest of accused students have successfully been acted at last. It is, undoubtedly, a perfect opportunity for the failed and accused candidates to fill-up their committed errors and hit the test. No doubt, this initiative is to improve the health-care system of Sindh , which is in lingering conditions. If such visionary steps are taken continuously in all fields of Sindh , the day is not far away when we would call Sindh the most meritocratic province in the country.


Shikarpur, November 12.