ISLAMABAD  - The internet service providers in Pakistan have gratuitously banned the torrent sites in the country, mocking the consumer rights. The sites banned are not even denied in the United States where copy right is a big issue.
Torrent sites are the one where internet users share data; movies, songs, books and other content, making it available for everyone.
These sites generally require heavy bandwidth of internet to download content. ISPs operating in Pakistan generally do not provide the speed they charge the consumers for. Torrents users know that they are being cheated by their service providers.  The banned sites are: Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Torrentz, ExtraTorrent and Mininova, taking the plea of censoring unwanted content.
However, these sites are not known for pornography but generally visited for downloading movies, music and TV seasons. Books can also be downloaded from these sites . Pakistan has blocked thousands of sites containing adult content or religiously unsuitable data. Youtube is still blocked due to these reasons.