LAHORE - Abbottabad Commission has finalised its report which would be presented to the government soon, reported a private TV channel on Wednesday.
The Commission recorded the statements of nearly 200 persons including the family members of Osama bin Laden's family; intelligence and air chiefs; relevant authorities and eye witnesses.
After hearing the witnesses; personally visiting the locales of Abbottabad & Pakistan's aerial limits and after personally inspecting Osama bin Laden's compound, the Commission has arrived at the conclusion that Osama bin Laden was indeed living at the said compound.
Commission has concluded that Osama bin Laden arrived in Karachi in October or November of 2001 after fleeing Kandahar.  He was accompanied by Ibrahim Aka and Abu Ahmad Alkuwaiti.
According to the statements of Osama's family members Osama who arrived in Peshawar with his family in 2002 where after staying for a few days he left for Swat. During his stay in Swat, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad met Osama who left for Rawalpindi after two weeks.
A month later Khalid Sheikh Muhammad was arrested from Rawalpindi after which Osama bin Laden moved to Haripur.
The CIA secured the services of Dr Shakeel Afridi to help get blood samples of Osama's family but he was unsuccessful to get them.
However, the US intelligence agency managed to reach Osama through Abu Ahmed AlKuwaiti.
Operation Time Line: American special forces leave Jalalabad at 23:00-23:10; enter Pakistani air space at 23:20; one Blackhawk damaged at 00:30; back-up Chinook helicopters return at 01:06; damaged Blackhawk arrives at 00:40; arrival of police and response force at the scene of incident 01:06; talks with Air Chief 01:15; first Chinook leaves Pakistan airspace at 02:07, second Chinook and Blackhawk leave Pak airspace at 02:16; Pakistani F16 takes off from Mushaf Air Base at 02:26; 02:50 Army Chief calls Prime Minister; F 16s arrive over Abbottabad at 03:00; Army Chief calls Adm Mike Mullen 03:15; Army Chief informs President about the incident 05:00.
Abrar and his wife were killed by the US forces on the ground floor. However, their children remained safe.
Soon after the beginning of operation Osama's son Ibrahim; daughters Samia and Maryam went to their father on the third floor.  "They have attacked, everyone should remain calm and recite the holy kalma", Osama advised his children. Osama's son Khalid was shot dead by the US forces while rushing to help the children on the lower floor.
Osama asked his family to stay away from him because he was the target of the attackers. He draws a pistol out realising the seriousness of the situation and started searching for grenade in the shelf.  He turns back hearing footsteps but it was too late. US SEALS bullet hit his forehead. The bullet crossed his forehead and hit the wall on his back.
Osama's wife Amal and his daughter Sumaya attack Americans commando after their husband and father was hit. US commando's bullet injured Amal's knee while Sumaya was tortured.
Amal and Sumaya confirmed to US SEALS that the dead man was Osama bin Laden. American commandos take away certain important things under Osama's use with them. This included six computer hard drives.
Chinook helicopter flew Osama's body straight away to Afghanistan while Blackhawk helicopter reached Kandahar after aerial refuelling over Pakistani airspace.
Throughout the operation, US AWACS aircrafts remained airborne over Afghan airspace to ward-off of any reaction and monitor Pakistan Air Force jets .