LAHORE – International standard floodlights will be installed here at Lahore City Cricket Association (LCCA) ground to develop a new culture of night cricket in the city.
“Night cricket has become quite popular and that is the reason we are in the process to equip the arena with latest lights to start a new era of night cricket in Lahore,” said LCCA president on Wednesday.
LCCA chief said he floated the idea of lights at a meeting with the former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif who liked it and asked him to discuss it with the Punjab Chief Minister M Shahbaz Sharif, a keen lover of sports.
“Punjab government is financing this project and having regular meetings with Hamza Shahbaz Sharif who is taking extraordinary interest to help out LCCA on this project. We are thankful to all of them for patronizing Lahore’s cricket to provide a night cricket facility for the players as well as lovers of the game,” he said and added: “Hopefully, the lights will be installed within two months and we can start night cricket in December this year.”
Kh Nadeem disclosed that the PCB would be providing financial assistance to build a new pavilion at the LCCA ground erasing the existing building.
“The present regime of LCCA is determined to make LCCA ground, an international standard facility where state of the art cricket facilities are available under one roof and we have taken a number of decisions to revamp Lahore’s cricket and to make LCCA a role model regional cricket body,” he concluded.