LAHORE (PPI) - The cement manufactures have increased the carriage rates and they were charging Rs 46 to Rs . 100 for each bag in whole sale market. According to details the cement factories have increased Rs 4 each bag as carriage rate during the last one month. In February cement manufactures increased Rs 1.50 for each cement bag and just after one month in April they again raised the carriage rate Rs 2.50 per bag. The carriage rates were also affecting the cement prices and the prices of each cement hag have reached Rs .378 to Rs 388. There were 22 cement brands in country which were minting the money through raising the carriage charges beside the cement prices. According to sources the D.G Khan Cement was charging carriage rate from Chakwal to different parts of the country as under: Faisalabad Rs 40 per bag, Okara, Sahiwal Rs 45 per bag, Lahore Rs 46.35 per bag and carriage charges of Karachi Rs 100 per bag. The sources said carriage charges were increasing due to raising the diesel and petroleum prices in country. If the fuel prices would not be controlled the carriage rates may be increased in coming days because cement manufactures could not bear the petroleum burden. It is mentioned here that cement manufactures were not selling the cement bags on ex-plant rate and they only charged landed rates from whole sale dealers.