LAHORE The devolution of Higher Education Commission (HEC) under the 18th Amendment is not only an unwise decision but also an unconstitutional step because HEC can only be devolved with another constitutional amendment. These views were expressed by Gujrat University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin while talking to this scribe on Monday. He said that the government adopted HEC as an agenda in a very odd manner because it was not in the concurrent list. He said there were some misperceptions that the supporters of HEC were against the decentralisation system of education. The higher education ratio in Pakistan is already at the lowest level as compare to the other countries of the world because only four percent students are studying in universities and according to a recent study ratio of higher education in our neighbouring country India is about 15 percent and 28 percent in Egypt, the VC added. Regarding successful central educational system, he referred India where the higher education was regulating under the central setup. He further said HEC had done a great job in the past eight years in order to promote education in the country and set various examples for maintaining standards of higher education in the country. He also appreciated the HECs administrative performance. He further opined that the HEC could not be influenced politically despite great pressure on the HEC authorities for getting their desired results. He said the higher education would suffer, if the commission would be devolved. The provinces have not sufficient resources to promote higher education and our provincial establishments are not capable enough to supervise the higher education qualitatively, the VC said and questioned that what would be expected from the provinces while they are even unable to maintain standards of college level education. The provinces, he said, should establish autonomous structure on higher education as we had needed a parallel body to look after the state of higher education. The VC said only 22 percent students passed the college examination and the maximum number relay upon private tuition centres, adding that colleges were practicing annul system in which students did not care the class study and teachers also merely visited the colleges. He further said the HEC had introduced the semester system which resulted good presence of students in the classes. The quality performance of the HEC in the last decade was satisfactory, he said adding that the HEC had played a role of think tank in Pakistan. Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin said if there were some deficiencies in the HEC , they must be pointed out and resolved but it should not be devolved at any cast. He said the higher education was integral for the national development of the country.