The ISI on Monday rebuffed the false, smearing claims made in the Guantanamo dossiers, saying it has no links whatsoever with militants, report TV channels. Commenting on the allegations, Inter Services Public Relations Director General Athar Abbas denied that the ISI has any links with militant organisations. In an interview with an Indian channel on Monday, the ISPR DG said intelligence agencies of several countries had links with militants in the past. He said that drone strikes were doing nothing to win the war against militancy rather they were damaging the cause. He said that the mutual trust between Pakistan and India had helped ease tensions on the borders. He denied the presence of the Chinese Army in Kashmir. Our Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: A spokesman of the ISPR on Monday denied a British newspapers report that Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had been communicating with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh through a secret envoy. Denying the report published in The Times of London on Saturday, the ISPR official termed the news unfounded and completely baseless. According to the report, the secret envoy has been the link between Kayani and Singh for 10 months. Earlier, the office of the Indian PM also denied the report. We have seen media reports quoting a British newspaper saying that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh contacted Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani before the Mohali meeting between the two prime ministers. The report is false, prime ministers media adviser Harish Khare said in a statement.