JORDAN was lucky to be alive Sunday night after walking away from a horror smash which left her car a mangled wreck. The glamour girls 4x4 hit and killed two horses which had bolted into her path on a remote country road. Horse fanatic Jordans friend Leandro Penna was driving at the time of the crash in his homeland of Argentina. She said: It was absolutely terrifying. It all happened in a flash and I have absolutely no idea how I wasnt badly injured. I feel so lucky, but more than anything Im just distraught about the horses. It was so upsetting. Witnesses said the couple owed their lives to the fact that they were in a rugged vehicle and were both wearing seatbelts. Tow-truck driver Raul Reinoso spoke to 25-year-old Leandro and Jordan at the scene - about three miles from their luxury rural hotel Estancia San Pedro Viejo. He said: It happened when they were driving back to the hotel. They had their seatbelts on - thats what saved their lives. In a smaller car they would have died no doubt. The Sun