ISLAMABAD (INP) - As the mercury soared across Pakistan the demand and supply gap of electricity also widened on Monday affecting the daily life of the masses severely. The total power generation of the Pepco was recorded at 9,500 megawatts against a demand of 16,000 megawatts, leaving a shortfall of 6,500 megawatts. The duration of power outages in all major cities has been increased to 12 hours a day while in rural areas it is up to 20 hours. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is facing power cuts for more than 16 hours a day. Power is being supplied for an hour after every two to three hours of loadshedding. The residents of Quetta are suffering from six to eight hours a day of consistent power outages. The electricity shortfall in interior Sindh including Hyderabad has reached 800 megawatts and the citizens are bearing long hours of unscheduled and unpredictable loadshedding. Temperature in several areas of Sindh has reached 42 degree centigrade. In Punjab 10 to 16 hours of outages have crippled the masses lives. Continuous loadshedding has affected every aspect of the life of the people as they are unable to take proper rest at home hence do not find themselves fresh to discharge their duties efficiently at their respective work places due to power cuts. Electricity loadshedding has also affected the water supply to all cities as well as towns. People from across the country have demanded of the government to think seriously over the major issue which cripples the life and businesses of the masses and fulfill its promise of bringing an end to loadshedding.