LAHORE-The Opposition in Punjab Assembly fears that farmers may suffer a loss of upto Rs 70 billion due to ill-conceived wheat procurement policy of Punjab government. Pointing out flaws in the policy, the Opposition members said that government had devised a cumbersome process of getting bardana (gunny bags) which involved endorsement of patwaris and Tehsildars. They said farmers were having problems to have access to these revenue officials who do not oblige them without gratification. They also criticised govt decision to provide only eight gunny bags per acre to the farmers assuming 20 maunds per acre yield. Taking part in the debate, Opposition Leader Raja Riaz said that an average per acre production of wheat in Punjab was between 40 to 50 maunds and the farmers will not be having sufficient bags to take their produce to the market. He said middle men will take advantage of the situation and rob the farmers. He lamented that Punjab government did not set up a single storage centre, whereas Rs 2.5 billion were being spent on Kalma Chowk Flyover just because the Chief Minister had got a new house in Model Town and it took him two minutes more to get there. Raja suspected that Punjab government will not be able to procure more that 2 million tonnes of wheat from the farmers due to its ill-planning. He alleged that Punjab govt was distributing bardana among farmers through PML-N office-bearers who were getting commission, and probably this amount would be used by Sharifs for their next election campaign. He said it was unfair that PML-N govt was taking credit for wheat export which became possible due to Federal government which had set a reasonable price for the commodity.