KARACHI - The provincial head office of PML (N) located in the posh locality of the City, KDA Scheme No-1 on Karsaz Road and Citys elite restaurant owned by a PML (N) Central leader Sardar Abdur Rahim, located just 100 yards away from the Presidential Camp office, Bilawal House were attacked and damaged in an organised manner by crowd of over 50 people who were carrying sticks and party flags on Monday. The attack on two sites connected with PML (N) came under attack almost 12 hours after Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, while commenting on the creation of new provinces in Punjab had also spoke about creating a new province of Karachi in Sindh. Though he had clarified his statement and said that he had never spoken about making Karachi a province. Yet it did not satisfy some elements in Sindh who took the law in their hands and attacked these two properties. Shahbaz Sharifs comments allegedly on Karachi were severely criticised by the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and a number of Cabinet colleagues and leaders of the nationalist parties. The attack on two properties was perhaps reaction to the statement of Shahbaz Sharif. According to reports, a group of people stormed into the PML (N) office late in the morning and broke the windows and doors and vandalised the office goods and furniture. This office is situated not very far from Kingri House which is the residence of PML (F) Chief Pir Sahib Pagaro. The office was locked and nobody was present in the office when the hoodlums attacked it. However, some leaders of PML (N) who came to know about the reported attack on the office reached the scene some time after the attackers had left on motorbikes. Meanwhile, the same group of people carrying sticks and flags, riding on motorcycles reached Bilawal Chowrangi where the restaurant of Sardar Abdur Rahim is located. They attacked the expensive property and physically assaulted some of the workers of the restaurant who were busy in making arrangements for the restaurant to open in the evening. The group of hoodlums remained there for about half an hour and vandalised the well know eatery which is patronised by the elite of the Clifton area. Bilawal Chowrangi, which is near the well guarded Presidential Camp office at Bilawal House, is one of the most guarded places of the City. A number police van and vehicles of law-enforcing agencies including Rangers is stationed there round the clock. However, when the crowd reached the restaurant and were causing damage, surprisingly, no police or other law- enforcing agencies were insight. They came when crowd had completed its task and left the scene. The police is reported to have arrested three to four persons who were allegedly involved in the attack and were about to leave the area. It is worth mentioning that the area where the restaurant is located is a big commercial spot and a number of banks are situated in the vicinity. An eye witnesses in Benazir Bhutto murder case,Khalid Shahenshah was also mysteriously killed in front of his house which is located just couple of hundreds yards away on the opposite side of the restaurant.