LAHORE - International Superstar Qurram Hussain, the vocalist and brains behind the music of world renowned South Asian band JOSH , is invited by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Washington to address the United States foreign service officials about the culture of Pakistan.

Speaking at the FSI’s National Foreign Affairs Training Centre (NFATC), Washington, Qurram Hussain said that Pakistan was quite different from its perception aboard. He said that terrorist activities did not portray the true image where people are loving and their hospitality was unmatchable in the world. He said that art and culture , not terrorism, was the true face of Pakistan. He said though he lived in Canada but he was proud of his Pakistani origin.

Qurram Hussain said that he had performed thousands of music concerts in Pakistan, but he and his even Indian band vocalist didn’t feel scared or threatened. Rather, he said, they had always received great affection and love from their fans. He told them American music was also very much popular among the educated Pakistani youth. Qurram said that terrorism was a global issue, and all countries of the world were needed to make joint and sincere efforts for its complete eradication.

Qurram also briefed the US foreign service officials about the best tourism spots in Pakistan and natural beauty of the country’s northern areas. Qurram also said that Pakistani government was needed to appoint its cultural ambassadors in different countries of the world with an objective to portray and promote the true image of the country abroad.