Minister of State for Interior Imtiaz Safdar Warraich has said that neighboring countries and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan are behind the deteriorating situation in Karachi .
Responding to a call attention notice in the National Assembly Tuesday‚ he said the law enforcement agencies including police are alive to the situation and playing their role for protection of lives and prosperities of the people. He said action id being taken against explosive material through out the country.
He said that the terrorists who met defeat in Swat are taking shelter in Karachi and perpetrating nefarious activities to avenge their defeat.
He said that external forces are also involved in Karachi unrest. He told that 61 people were arrested last year while 31 have been arrested this year while in 2012 29 cases were registered.
He said 213 kilo explosive material has been recovered and two members of Tehrik-e-Taliban have been arrested in this connection.
The state minister told that during interrogation 6 names of TTP members were known and cases have been registered against them however no arrests have been made.
He told that Karachi is a populated city due to which we are facing difficulty in combating terrorism. In response to a question of Imrana Saeed the minister said that Pakistan has a long border with Afghanistan and it is a mountainous terrain and smugglers do not use conventional roads to transport weapons into Pakistan but come through mountains. He said that ample measures are being taken to stop this practice.