MIRPUR (AJK) - Britain-based global Kashmiri human rights organisation - the Kashmir Watch International (KWI) Monday strongly criticised the suspension of the membership of Kashmir-born senior British Parliamentarian Lord Nazir Ahmed by the Labour Party, the main opposition in the House of Lords.
“Lord Ahmed has, in fact, been made the target of a deep-rooted vendetta by the rivals - mostly the Jews lobby for his “crime” of exposing the increased anti-Muslim approach and policies of the Jews including their backed British media”, observed KWI Chairman Mir Muhammad Sideeque Khawaja while addressing Correspondents here on Monday over telephone from Nottingham, the UK.
The KWI chief continued, “the executive council of KWI takes it with severe concern that under a deep-rooted conspiracy, an extensive character-assassination drive has been launched against Lord Nazir Ahmed, Pakistan-origin life-time member of the House of Lords, since he suffered an alleged road accident while taking an alleged cellphone call during driving.
“The suspension of the Labour Party membership of Lord Ahmed is not only an immoral act but also blatant violation of human rights in the civilized world”, Mir Sideeque observed.
The KWI chief also pointed out that being the Kashmir-born Lord Nazir Ahmed could be described as the unofficial ambassador of the people of Jammu & Kashmir in Britain who always exposed Indian brutalities, oppression and atrocities in Indian-held Jammu & Kashmir by raising the Kashmir issue in European countries, especially the importance of the grant of early right to self determination to people of the disputed Himalayan state. 
Mir Sideeque suggested to the Muslims of Britain and other European Countries to stand high for Lord Ahmed with the unanimous demand for the revival of his due status in the Labour Party and other subordinate bodies of the organisation.