KARACHI-Driven mainly by financial results, Pakistan Stock Exchange staged recovery on Tuesday. The benchmark 100-share index gained 163.18 points to close at 33,847.74 points.

Investors’ interest was seen in the cement sector as PM announced a number of major uplift projects in his speech along with anticipation of power tariff reduction. Top performers of the aforementioned sector were KOHC, up 4.30%, PIOC, up 3.48% and MLCF, 2.72%.

OGDC increased 1.19% in the E&P sector. In its financial result, the company declared an EPS of Rs10.11/share which was less than the market expectations, observed analyst Arhum Ghous

Bull-run was witnessed in the banking sector with UBL rising 0.83% and ABL 2.16% after declaring their financial results for the 1Q2016, which were both better than market’s expectations, dealers said. Volume increased by 50% to 258m shares while value increased by 86% to Rs 11.9b/114$m.

NML announced result of EPS Rs7.2 which was above expectations. Stock closed up by 2%. Earnings of Rs1.2/share were announced by PAEL which led the stock to decline by 1.1%. FFC & OGDC announced disappointing results which led their stocks to decline by 1.8% & 1% respectively, brokers said.