Some 60 patients with dengue symptoms were admitted in Lahore’s different hospitals as the deadly mosquito-borne disease reemerges in Punjab , media reported on Monday.
Without waiting for a complete end to the winter season, the killer mosquito is back on the job, breeding in ponds of water and spreading the deadly fever with its bite.
“No need to be afraid of the dengue fever. A timely diagnosis can save patient’s life,” Doctor Hammad, Assistant Professor Ganga Ram hospital, spoke to media.
With medics urging people to adopt precautionary measures, the Punjab government claims to have taken ‘sufficient’ steps to prevent the disease from spreading by setting up especial wards in hospitals.
Moreover, the provincial health department is commencing a three-day international conference on dengue on Tuesday, which officials said would be attended by doctors from more than 70 countries, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Singapore.
Meanwhile Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif Monday said the awareness campaign against the dengue has got off the ground in the province.
Talking to media here in Lahore,  Shahbaz Sharif said that Lahore Waste Management (LWM) in cooperation with Turkish company would soon launch anti-dengue drive to save the citizens from the dreadful disease.
He said that in accordance with the 18th constitutional amendment Health Department is under the provincial governments and Punjab government would utilise all available resources to facilitate its citizens with better treatment facilities.
Shahbaz said that his party enjoys complete support from masses of the province and results of next general polls would remove all the anti-PML-N dengues.
The Punjab chief minister said that his all efforts were aimed at resolving the problems faced by people of province and he has no fear about the negative propaganda of the opponents who politicise the issues for party and personal interests.
He said that last year many elements politicised the issue of deaths caused by dengue virus but this year they would not get any chance in this regard as affective strategy has been chalked out.