LAHORE– Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has bracketed the Prime Minister with the absconder Khurram Rasool in the embezzlement of crores of rupees of the public money. Talking to media men at the Punjab Assembly premises Thursday he alleged that former media coordinator to PM, Khurram Rasool practiced corruption under the patronage of the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani .
To a question on the resumption of hearing of Rs 130-million Mehran Bank scandal he said, his party leaders would appear if the SC called them to present their point of view. To a question, Rana supported interim set-up before the election provided that comes through the Constitutionally provided course instead of whims of the president who, he feared, can maneuver the interim government.
The law minister to a question on the PM’s ‘U-turn’ on the statement against Army Chief and the DG ISI regarding their reply in the memogate case, said it was not new about the PM for his four-years’ rule is replete with U-turns. The Minister juxtaposed the PML(N) with PPP and said, the former always stood on principles and never took a U-turn.
About the deaths out of PIC medicines, the law minister said, the guilty in the matter will not be spared. He praised the Punjab CM efforts for healthcare of the people of the province and said, the CM is taking every pain to provide treatment to affected drug patients as well as to reach the facts. He said at present saving life of the affected persons is a priority. He held the Federal Government responsible for approving licence for the medicines manufacturing and import and said, examining quality of the drugs is also the obligation of the FG.