ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Mazdoor Union would hold a protest rally in front of the Authority’s Chairman office today against - what they termed - the illegal recruitments by the CDA management, political influence, violation of agreements with union, encouraging favouritism, destruction of CDA financial health and interference by the defeated groups.
However, CDA officials strongly believe that last of the aforementioned issues that is “interference by the defeated groups” is the core reason behind this protest , as other reasons stated by the representatives of Mazdoor Union were there since long.
Shabab Bokhari, President of “defeated group” (CDA Employees Federation), is stated as a relative of Chairman Senate Nayyar Bokhari. Since Nayyar Bokhari designated as Chairman of the biggest legislative forum of the country, the CDA Employees Federation emerged as a most influential group in the Authority.
In recent past some 28 people following the recommendation of Employees Federation group had been recruited in CDA - a reason enough to force Mazdoor Union to hold a protest .
It’s not only the employees representative union, but also the Chairman CDA was accused by some officials of appointing his relatives in CDA .
Recently, a person namely Pervaiz Khan was appointed as Assistant Director (Care) in CDA Hospital. Pervaiz Khan is stated as the real brother of Chairman CDA Engineer Farkhand Iqbal. Reliable sources have also confirmed this development.
Then another Sanam Khan has been appointed as Admin Officer in directorate of Human Resource Development (HRD). She is also stated as close relative of Chairman CDA .
“As many as 28 people have been recruited in violation of merit in past two months against basic pay scale 1-17. While since March 9, some 30 officials already working in CDA have been upgraded to higher ranks in violation of defined rules in this regard,” alleged Chaudhry Yasin General Secretary CDA Mazdoor Union.
“The union will protest against political influence and illegal appointments, as we are left with no other option but to protest ,” he said.