In this modern age of information technology media acts as a pillar of the state. Without a free press countries cannot compete internationally. Media has gained stature in Pakistan but regrettably our media has forgotten to impart essential message to the people instead of pandering to a few people. When we switch our television on to listen to the news, we find political debates and politician’s mudslinging each other. Every political party defends itself by blaming others. The continuous blame game is on. The real problems that Pakistan faces today are sectarianism, extremism, poverty, lawlessness, corruption and illiteracy. Rarely does any news channel conduct a program on these grave issues. Political leaders and Ulamas should unite on one platform and issue a collective ‘Fatwa’ that killing of any Muslim is forbidden in Islam. Media ought to focus on controlling poverty and on plans to overcome it. The focus should be on the removal and control of extremism, sectarianism and illiteracy rather then on issues of the Swiss letter, contempt of courts, dual nationality. Unless we make better use of this giant called ‘Media’ we will remain in the dark ages.MOHSIN RAZA DASHTI, Larkana, September 22.