MULTAN - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has suggested to the Prime Minister to immediately dissolve assemblies if the leadership of all political parties demand new elections in the country.
Talking to journalists here at his residence after returning from Karachi on Tuesday, he said that he could see the signs of revolution in the country as the moods of people told the whole story. He added that the masses were encircled by multiple problems and they were faced with the worst times of their lives. “In this situation the eyes of the entire nation are on the PTI. The passion that I’ve seen in the eyes of Pakistani youth tells the whole story. It’s the indicator of a big revolution ,” he added. He said that he had not seen the scenes like the ones he saw today even during the rise of Bhutto.
He said that today was the day of Benazir Bhutto’s martyrdom which reminded of the pledge jointly made by him and Ms Bhutto regarding waging a war for the sake of democracy. “But the situation is altogether different today. Although democracy is restored in the country, looting of national wealth is rampant. People want change,” he added.
Earlier, the workers accorded historic welcome to Javed Hashmi on his arrival at Multan Airport. Thousands of PTI workers thronged the airport as a result of which the window and door glasses of CIP lounge got shattered. Holding placards and banners inscribed with different writings, the PTI workers carried out non-stop sloganeering in favour of Hashmi and Imran Khan. They brought Hashmi to his residence in a big procession of vehicles.
Overwhelmed by emotions, Hashmi said on the occasion that the historic welcome accorded to him was in fact masses expression of love for the PTI.  He said that people questioned him on his switchover and held them that even the funds allocated for his constituency were given to other MNAs and MPAs. He said that the rulers subjected Multan to step motherly treatment and funds of this city were spent in Lahore. He said that unjust distribution of funds plunged the masses into sheer disappointment.
He said that Imran Khan approached him in the name of Pakistan on which he made a tough decision and quit the party. “My all-time political companions said to me that I was going to make them orphan but I told them that it was not an individual’s issue rather it was the matter of country and nation. I told them that I could not ignore Pakistan,” he added. To a query, he said that he had asked prime minister to give out Rs50,000 allocated for his treatment to the flood victims.