A documentary , made by a young film-maker and activist Ammar Aziz has been selected at the Talent Campus of the Berlin International Film Festival2012 which is one of the world’s leading film-related events. Ammar Aziz, the only filmmaker to be selected from Pakistan, was chosen from over 4300 applicants from 137 countries.
The documentary , ‘Rise of the Oppressed’ is a striking realistic portrayal of the life and struggle of the power-loom workers of Faisalabad which takes us into their dark and dusky lives. Produced by a non-government labour organisation, Labor Education Foundation, it reflects the miseries, oppression and exploitation of the working class while it also celebrates their hopes and struggle for a society free of exploitation. The film was also screened in Brussels, Belgium at an event of SOLIDAR, a European network of 52 NGOs, where the Labour Education Foundation was awarded with the Silver Rose Award for 2011.
To his credit, Ammar Aziz has made various documentaries on social issues which have been screened at various film and cause-related events all over the world. His interests include music and he was featured in the band Laal’s recent hit ‘Inqalab’ as a composer, vocalist and director. The 23 year old film-maker was recently included in the international Christian Science Monitor’s ’30 under 30’ people from all over the world for his art and activism. Ammar will be representing Pakistan’s leftist cultural activists in the Berlin International Film Festival which is going to take place in Germany’s capital from 11th- 17th February.                               – PR