LAHORE – The Lahore High Court Chief Justice inaugurated Research Centre in the Judges Library Hall on Friday.
Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, being in-charge of the IT branch, had been assigned the task to supervise the project while sessions judge Javed Rasheed Mehboobi would assist him.
For this capacity building initiative, five high qualified judges had been selected from the lower judiciary of the Punjab. One incumbent is Barrister while four others are holding LLM degrees. They have been appointed as Research Associates by Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed.
To improve the quality of judgments by judges , the Centre had been laced with latest facilities like internet and others. In addition to judges working at Principal Seat, judges holding court at its benches at Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur and Multan would also benefit from this facility. Research Associates manning the centre would promptly supply information to queries of their lordships regarding legal questions sent through e-mail, internet, fax or ordinary mode.
The books had also been catalysed topic wise in order to avoid inconvenience in finding books to the judges visiting the library.