MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has hurled a warning to the government, saying JI workers will encircle parliament on February 3, if Nato supply was restored.
Talking to journalists here on Friday, he further asked the government to give up flattering the US and refrain from reopening the supply route otherwise the loyal forces would protest from Murree to Chamman and Chamman to Torkham. “And I assure you that the government will not be able to control this protest,” he added. He claimed that the rulers hatched a conspiracy to create an engineered rift among state institutions to divert public’s attention from their failure. He said that the conflict among institutions was built on temporary grounds and Americans had jumped into the game to bail out the rulers.
Referring to upcoming Difa-e-Pakistan Conference, he said that it would prove a great success as the moot was supported by all religious parties and civil society. He added that the organisations discharging their national obligations in the field of jihad stood united for the defence of Pakistan. “The only motive behind holding this activity is to ensure security and sovereignty of the country,” he added.
He declared that the platform of Difa-e-Pakistan conference would play an active role to get the nation rid of American slavery. He said that like Salala attackers and Raymond Davis, many other terrorists were hidden in Pakistan and we needed to eliminate them. He said that because of NATO supply suspension, removal of US forces from Shamsi base and non-participation in Bone Conference, Americans leaned on back foot but restoration of supply route would bring her back. Answering a question on Seraiki Province, he said that the new province was need of this region and all parties should play role for the achievement of this goal. He added that his party was in favour of new administrative units but some others were making province issue controversial like Kalabagh.