LAHORE - HASHAM YOUSUF - Rejecting foreign media reports on French militants’ presence in Pakistan, the security agencies have shared intelligence on French gunman Mohammed Merah , who shot dead seven people in France.
Pakistani intelligence agencies have told their French counterparts that the foreign media has been airing propaganda after the 23-year-old French killed seven people last week, triggering rumours: “Merah has links with French militants fighting in Pakistan’s tribal belt.”
Pakistan security agencies shared intelligence with France, telling the French authorities that he (Merah) came to Pakistan on (legal documents) visa but he never visited the tribal belt as there was no proof of his tour to tribal areas.
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has also dismissed the report of links with Merah .
According to sources, Merah is a crook as he was detained in France in many cases. He also visited various Arab states and European countries.
According to military sources, foreign fighters in Pakistan have either been nicked or returned their homelands.
The sources said the foreign media turned its guns to Pakistan to divert the attention from the real issue as they failed to ensure protection their citizens.
“Why the authorities did not watch him in France though he had a criminal record? Why did he fire shots at his own people in his own society?”
The intelligence sharing over Merah will not only help remove misunderstanding between France and Pakistan authorities but it will also counter foreign media campaign.