As the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is becoming a reality and as the construction work inside Pakistan’s territory is likely to get underway soon, India is starting to look at the flip side of staying out of the project. It is envious also since Iran has one of the largest reserves of natural gas that it will be selling to Pakistan at affordable rates. The hint came rather too obviously from the Indian Petroleum Minister Veerappa Moili, who expressed a keen desire to become a part of the project and even urged the need to ask Islamabad towards that end.
Over the years, India has been displaying a behaviour that cannot be deemed as friendly towards us; on the contrary, evidence shows that it has been particularly against our economic development and all that could have benefited Pakistan. A recent example is that of Bhasha Dam that despite being in our territory with which India has virtually nothing to do, New Delhi used its leverage in the international community to discourage the donors from funding the project. That behaviour does not show India is ever willing to have good ties with us. It is hence necessary to be on our guard. Pakistan has to be cautious when venturing to have such economic cooperation with India since at every turn there would be a possibility of being stabbed in the back. Besides, it was India’s own decision not to be a part of the IP pipeline that also delayed the project. It should now be made to reconcile with the consequences of its choice.