Turkey is gateway to Europe and can provide huge opportunities to the Pakistani exporters to market their products in EU countries including Pak handmade furniture which is a great demand globally in collaboration with Turkish companies.

A high ranking Turkish furniture producers’ delegation headed by a leading Turkish businessman Ahmet visited 3-days 6th Interiors Pakistan” exhibition at Expo Centre on Monday organized by Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) at its concluding day to explore investment opportunities in areas of interest.

The members of the delegation also visited the stalls installed by more than 100 leading producers and interior designers and applauded their handmade and solid furniture products . They also held meetings and exchanged views on exploring business opportunities with PFC Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq and other prominent members.

Talking to media, Ahmet said that Turkey is exporting 65 percent of its textile and vegetables to Europe and we could also streamline exports from Pakistan to Europe via Turkey as the Turkish firms are well established and well connected with the buyers of these markets.

Turkish furniture companies are keen to strengthen trade relations with Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) as both countries possessed good potential to enhance bilateral cooperation in furniture sector by enhancing trade and economic relations.

He said that the businessmen should understand each other to cultivate deep-rooted and sustained business relations. He said that our emphasis is never on promotion of Turkish exports only but we are focusing on to increase trade volume both ways. Regarding furniture, he said that Turkish firms are manufacturing costly and high quality machine-made furniture for the European consumers.

He said that in Pakistan most of the furniture is hand-made but still it is very cheap and could be marketed in EU countries at a high price. In this connection, Turkish firms could also play a major role in facilitating Pakistani manufacturers to have direct access to the potential customers. He said that Turkish firms have 2000 show rooms in Turkey and 1000 in Europe with total turnover of $5 billion per annum.

During briefing to Turkish delegation’s visit at exhibition, Mian Kashif Ashfaq said PFC is also continuing its work to develop a Pakistani resence in more countries and to act as the focal point for Pakistani furniture designers and manufacturers to enter international market. He further said that trade between Turkey and Pakistan still needs special focus although the exports and imports figures are on the rise.

While underlining the importance of trade and economic ties between the two countries, PFC Chief said that both countries should identify more areas for cooperation and should also introduce more tradable items to enhance mutual trade volume especially in furniture sector.

He further said that Turkish companies have shown keen interest in Pakistani market. He urged the Pakistani businessmen to start joint ventures with their Turkish counterparts. He asked members of Turkish delegation to persuade its concerned members to visit the exhibition for B2B meetings.

“All this can happen if there is government’s will and a vision amongst furniture traders. Joint ventures with Turkey through trade commissions for providing machines on lease can bring product quality at par with highest international standards.

But for this to happen, the furniture industry in Pakistan must vigorously transform from cottage or small scale industry to innovative industry through training, upgrading supplies and imports,” he added.

Pakistan and Turkey have the trade volume well below the potential as Pakistan exported commodities worth $322.60 million and imported commodities valuing $238.45 million during 2014-15, showing a trade balance of $84.15 million in its favour.

On the 3rd day of mega exhibition, visitors on the lookout for buying furniture enjoyed special discount of up to 20% on different items exhibited at the event.

Later Mr Wang Daxue,Deputy Counsel General of republic of China and Vice President SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman United Business Group Iftikhar Ali Malik distributed shields and certificates among the exhibitors for displaying their products tastefully.