Supreme Court has directed the petitioners and Attorney General to produce witnesses and evidence against Business Tycoon Malik Riaz in the contempt of court case. A two-member bench of Supreme Court comprising Justice Aijaz Afzal Khan and Justice Aijaz Ahmed Chaudhary, on Wednesday, heard the contempt of court case against real estate tycoon Malik Riaz for levelling accusations against Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The lawyer of Malik Riaz, Dr Basit said that Dr Arsalan Iftikhar should be presented before the court as a witness. He claimed that a brief cross-examination of Dr Arsalan Iftikhar will make it clear whether he has taken money from Malik Riaz or not. At this the Supreme Court said that it is the duty of Attorney General to present the evidence, and Dr Basit needs not to interfere. Lawyer of Malik Riaz, Dr Basit said his client has nothing to do with Bahria Town but the case is indirectly affecting the prices of property in Bahria Town. The applicant, Ashraf Gujjar, pointed out during the hearing that the one accused of contempt of court charges should be presented before the court. At this, Dr Basit said his client, Malik Riaz is ill. Dr Basit also presented a medical certificate and requested the court to exempt him from appearing before the court. At this, Ashraf Gujjar said the city has adequate medical facilities and Malik Riaz has no need to go to outstation for his treatment, therefore, a request has also been made to include his name in Exit Control List. The court granted Malik Riaz the exemption only for the day and ordered that he must be present on the next hearing. Dr Basit requested the Supreme Court that the verdict for the application for intra-court proceedings must be given and the case to be continued after that. The Supreme Court said that the contempt of court case against Malik Riaz would not be stopped, as the other bench is hearing the intra-court appeals. On the occasion, prosecutor of the case, Attorney General Irfan Qadir told the court that it is for the first time that he is prosecuting a case in which the applicant is the complainer. Upon which, Justice Afzal said that every individual had the right to get treatment of their own preference, adding that, a trial against Riaz could also be conducted in absentia. The bench, however, directed that Riaz must appear before it at the upcoming hearing of the case. The bench gave the attorney general, who is the prosecutor in the case, three days’ time to collect evidence for the trial. It also directed the petitioners to produce witnesses and evidence against Riaz . Afterwards, the hearing of Malik Riaz’s contempt of court case was adjourned till September 17.