KARACHI-The City Council's budget session presided over by Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil held on Saturday started at least one hour late due to consultation between the Treasury benches and Opposition members. The ruling party was trying to convince the Opposition members on the budget announcement for the fiscal 2008-09. But their all efforts gone in vain when the Opposition members created complete chaos and mayhem during the budget speech of City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, and after creating uproar and pandemonium, chanted slogans against City govt, they boycotted the budget session in protest. When City Council's proceeding was started convener Nasreen Jalil presented her excuse on the one hour delay in the starting of the budget. But when council session started, convener adjourned the meeting till 7.20 pm. When meeting resumed Opposition leader Saeed Ghani said that he informed CDGK authorities time and again through this council that City govt should take approval of the City Council on all the big and mega City projects but they always neglected and over rule the City Council's authority. He said that third budget of this City govt presenting but only 35pc UC funds releases for UC Nazims. He objected that in the current fiscal 2008-09, there is no allocation of budget for UCs. Nasreen Jalil intervened that this session is budget session speeches are not allowed but maintaining the friendship attitude Opposition members allowed to address but they should be brief. Treasury member Masood Mehmood intervened on that occasion said that Haq Parast members are junior in the City Council against the Opposition members who were also the members of the previous City Council but at that time they could not present such type of examples which they are demanded now. Another opposition leader of Al Khidmat group Rafiq Ahmed said that during the tenure of previous former City Nazim Naimatullah Khan released UC funds for all the UC nazims with out any discrimination of any party. Rafiq Ahmed said that in the fiscal 2008-09, there is no allocation of funds for UC Nazims and the present allocated funds of UC Nazim Rs 1.80b only 800m has been released due to which dozens of development projects and civic issues could not be resolved at grass root level in the UC, specially belonging to the Opposition members , he said. City nazim Mustafa Kamal when started his address to the City Council members the Opposition members stood up start chanted slogans 'UC funds Bahal Karo'. They also brought placards on which they demanded for the restoration of UC funds and finishing injustice with the Opposition members. On the other hand Treasury members welcomed City Nazim by thumping their desks. City Nazim repeatedly requesting to the Opposition members to sit on their seats and listen his speech with peace and calm in which he would inform the allocation of funds for UC funds in the fiscal 2008-09. But Opposition members were not ready to listen the City Nazim's speech and continued their protest chanted slogans created pandemonium and uproar by making hue and cry repeatedly. City nazim Mustafa Kamal on that occasion told them sarcastically that he knew their political needs of Opposition members to make news and picture showing Opposition to the City govt other wise during the one hour delay before the council session, the Opposition members have been taken into the confidence about the details of budget 2008-09, thus, he requested them to sit and listen to budget speech. But City Council Opposition members were not ready to listen to the Nazim speech with peace and calm they continued their protest, thumping desks chanted slogans. He informed the Opposition members that Rs 1b has been allocated for UC nazims. When City Nazim's speech was continuing, the Opposition members boycotted the session and came out to the City Council's session hall. City Nazim continued his speech and informed the Treasury members about the details of the budget 20-09 and future development projects and planning. Later, in the absence of Opposition member, the resolution tabled of CDGK 's budget for fiscal 2008-09, and it has been approved on the basis of the majority of the members.