ISLAMABAD - A high-level delegation of European Union headed by Helen Campbell met Pakistan People's Party delegation on Saturday here at Zardari House to discuss mutual working areas for strengthening democracy, reconciliation, identification of potential option for supporting the electoral process, and the current situation in FATA and Afghanistan. The PPP delegation comprised Senator Latif Khosa , Farzana Raja (MNA), Fozia Habib (MNA) and Amir Fida Paracha. While European Union delegation included Helen Campbell, head of Unit (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives), Heino Marius, Deputy Head of Unit (Relations with Pakistan), Paul Turner (Relations with Afghanistan) and Tomas Niklasson, Head of section (political, economic and trade matters). Pakistan People's Party delegates reaffirmed that to ensure the independence of the Election Commission of Pakistan, the option of selecting the Chief Election Commissioner from a list of three names provided by Leader of the Opposition was being considered seriously. The PPP team also pointed towards the recent decision of PPP-led government to issue computerised identity cards to all citizens of Pakistan free of cost, which would help to prepare voters lists with larger accuracy. Senator Khosa also reminded the group that the year 2008 is the census year and for making people's-friendly policies the exact statistics of population is essential. He opined that free registration process would help in the census also. Farzana Raja, MNA, stressed the need to encourage maximum participation of women in electoral process. She pointed out that even in the bye-elections the turnout of women voters remained very low. Fozia Habib, MNA, said that reconciliation efforts undertaken by PPP-led government were for a strong and prosperous Pakistan. Amir Paracha commented that stability in Afghanistan was essential for a stable Pakistan. Delegates from European Union shared their experience of monitoring of February general elections. They pointed out the issues faced in the elections and gave their suggestions in this regard. They stressed the need to strengthen institutions. It was suggested by them that Member of Parliaments should have a secretariat where they have secretarial and technical support available to make their performance more productive. European Union delegation also suggested to start training programmes for capacity building of the members.