KARACHI - A security expert representing three western cricket boards including Australia made a surprise appearance here Saturday at the National Stadium to asses the security for the six-nation 9th Asia Cup for the ICC Trophy , which will be played here in coming September. Reg Dickason basically representing cricket Australia arrived here yesterday and came to the National Stadium late in the afternoon to personally see all the arrangements from the car park area to the front entry of the stadium. He is here to assess in advance the security arrangements that would be put in place for coming Septembers ICC Trophy . The Australian is also representing New Zealand and England and Wales Boards'. A good number of cricketers of these three countries had shown reservations on the security arrangements in Pakistan and had expressed doubts about travelling to Pakistan for the ICC Champions Trophy . At the National Stadium, the Australian  was joined by four members of the ICC security team, which is already in the town to watch all arrangements for the Asia cup in which besides India Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh were the visiting teams. The ICC security teams include South African Faisal Nigel, who had visited Pakistan number of times in the past. Reg Dickason is the same security expert on whose report Australia suspending its tour of Pakistan some three months ago. Dickason in brief talk to the newsmen after a four hour tour of the stadium sounded positive and even went on to state that all he had seen was inspiring and that the PCB was doing good work. There were still two months to go for the ICC Trophy and the arrangements could be improved further,he said. When asked after what he had seen at the National Stadium would he say that Australia would drop all its reservations on security issue in Pakistan and play here in coming September, he danced around the query and said  every team was willing to play in the ICC Trophy . He said the ICC trophy was still two months away and he would return soon to travel to other places like Lahore and Rawalpindi where matches of the trophy would be played. Presently, he said he would only visit Karachi and go back home and would come back in about ten day's time to go to Lahore. In recent past a number of security teams and delegation from the ICC security department had visited Pakistan for a number of times. As the ICC Trophy is an ICC event given to Pakistan the ICC was making sure that all arrangements and particularly the security arrangements were of top class. Some time ago a number of New Zealand  and Australian players had expressed their reservation about travelling to Pakistan. Though the Pakistan Cricket Board and even the national advisor on home Rehman Malik has assured VIP security to the teams playing in the ICC trophy, yet it has not satisfied the western countries. Australia never suspended tour of England when the IRA was exploding bombs all over England and even in London but they had always expressed reservations travelling to Pakistan. Reg Dickason and the ICC team is expected to remain in the city for couple of days before going back home. Australia and New Zealand are the two teams who have voiced concern with the Champions Trophy being held in Pakistan because of the security situation. This issue is going to be discussed in detail when the ICC executive board meets in Dubai over the next one week. "We will do our best to allay any reservations in Dubai that any team might have playing in Pakistan for the Champions Trophy and the smooth manner in which the Asia Cup has been conducted shows we are capable of making all arrangements properly," one board official said.