Maulvi Omar said to be spokesman of Pakistani Taliban headed by Baitullah Mahsud while declaring the operation launched against Taliban in Tank and Nowshera as violation of the peace agreement has threatened to scrap all peace deals with the Government of Pakistan including those in Darra Adamkhel, Mohmand Agency and Swat. Maulvi Omar has further warned to resume their armed activities against security forces and other targets of their choice all over Pakistan. This is an ultimatum before resuming hostility. It simply amounts to a declaration of war. Simultaneously the spokesman of Baitullah Masood announced the execution of two of their Taliban colleagues on charges of spying for the US in Damadola. Similar, situation of revolt prevails in Swat and Bajaur. In short while the militants are on the rampage not only in FATA but also in the settled districts of the NWFP, targeting the capital of the province. We have already had a taste of these militants in Islamabad during the Lal Masjid siege.  The local Taliban in the town of Khar, Bajaur have seized a government-run a girl's school and renamed it Jamia Hafsa. Swat and Bajaur are far away from the Punjab and Sindh. What about the city of Peshawar which has been declared to be in a state of siege by Interior Adviser Rehman Malik. No wonder therefore that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Wednesday, approved a military operation to clear the tribal areas of militants. The Chief of the Army Staff was assigned the responsibility to restore the writ of the government in the disturbed areas and placing all necessary military as well as paramilitary forces under his command for military purposes. There is another battle going with the legal fraternity determined to continue the struggle for the restoration of the deposed judges (their salaries having been restored) while modalities are under examination to decide their new appointments. There are threats of new modes of resistance including train marches. In short, there are strong warnings amounting to a final ultimatum to appoint the judges to their 02 November position by a certain date in July. The PML(N) top leaders, by a strange twist of constitutional election procedures, have been drawn into a legal battle requiring the final decision regarding the fate of the Sharif brothers by the same Supreme Court that they do not recognize as constitutional. The legal battle which is now likely to take its own course, seems to have become secondary in the new emerging scenario of revolt in the tribal belt with the Chief of the Army Staff assigned to deal with the new alarming threat to national security. The ramifications of the combined effect of such a development cause for a total national response rather than internal conflict and discord. While one should hope for the best it is only prudent and wise to be prepared for the worst. What I mean is that the government including the national political leadership as well as the parliament which all believe to be supreme, must ponder over a likely hypothesis if the military operation does not go according to the present plans and the lawyers supported by the PML(N) and some other groups choose to go to the streets for a verdict by the people instead of the present Supreme Court, what would be the contingency plan of the Gilani government. As the worst hypothesis if the Prime Minister at some point of time also find himself not in a position to deal with the gathering storm alone, will the new elections already being talked about deliver this nation out of its present turmoil or something much worse may surface, much to our disdain. It is therefore still in order to appeal to our political leadership not to behave like Nero while Rome was burning, not to drown warnings of Ahmad Shah Abdali advancing on Delhi in cups of wine by our Mughal Emperors and lately not to rejoice in West Pakistan in March 71 when Sheikh Mujeebur Rehman was arrested in Dhaka. These are painful lessons of history which must not be allowed to repeat themselves, if Pakistan is to emerge as a successful state in the comity of nations at the dawn of the 2lst Century. The mere fact of our being a nuclear state will not save us as it did not save the Soviet Union. Something much more is needed for our honourable survival which our political leadership should know better. God help us if they don't or if they do not care. The write is a retired colonel