LAHORE - Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran on Saturday performed the groundbreaking of two buildings, Geographical Information System (GIS) Centre and Information Technology (IT) Centre of Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT). The new buildings of PUCIT are being constructed at New Campus behind Institute of Business Administration IBA). The Higher Education Commission has funded this project. Speaking on the occasion, the VC said only those countries that have the power of knowledge get prosperity in the world. He said each and every particle including human movement in the vastness of universe was governed by some definite laws and disciplines. Similarly, there are certain rules and procedures of the ups and downs of civilization. He said the knowledge and education creates a curiosity to know which is imperative for progress. He said our country at present is facing water, food and energy crisis and the problems can be solved with the application of biotechnology, development of energy resources, GIS and information technology (IT) to overcome these problems. "We have to plan and look forward to develop in these sectors," he added. He said Geographical Information System (GIS) experts could do much more in this regard as they had the knowledge of the hidden resources in the earth. The west is fully aware of the oil, gas, minerals like uranium, copper etc beneath the land in our country through GIS and its is their desire to control every resource. The CIA had the ability even n in 60s to subvert and spy and a decade after Nixon/Mao meeting photographs were taken through satellite. Through this technique we can see under the ground. Invisible layer of information in globe is made possible through IT Dr Mujahid said Tipu Sultan introduced missile technology and that's why N ASA had displayed his portrait in its headquarter. He said PUCIT was the largest institution of higher learning of information technology in the country. He said in coming 10 years the college would be very strong as college's faculty members were doing their PhDs and this would work as lightening of more candle with candle. He stressed the students to work hard with commitment to explore the treasures of universe. He paid rich tributes to PUCIT Principal, Prof Dr Mansoor Sarwar for his efforts to transform PUCIT a centre of excellence and for visualizing future plans. He said he was the only Pakistani academician whose books on IT and computer science are taught in 200 universities of West and are widely translated in different languages. He also praised Syed Sarwar Hussain Shah a veteran journalist and illustrious father of Dr,. Mansoor Sarwar present on the occasion despite his old age. N In his welcome address, PUCIT Principal Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar presented brief introduction of the college. He said the college started in 1988 as the Centre for Computer Science in Centre for Solid State Physics, is now offering BS Software Engineering, BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, MSc Information Technology, MSc Geographical Information System and MS/MPhil in Computer Science programmes. He said the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has issued grants for various research and development projects. He said GIS Centre was made part of the college in 2004 and it had progressed considerably and students had been enrolled from 0 to 91 today. He thanked the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for providing funds for the establishment of the new GIS Centre building. He thanked the working team including faculty members and staff who worked hard to make this event a success. He said presenlty the college has total student strength around 2000, with male-to-female ratio of 60:40. Around 1500 students take certificate courses per year. Student intake has improved over the years, with the best intake coming in Fall 2007. The quality of faculty improved from one MPhil in 2006, when he took over as college Principal, to 10 MPhil today and around one dozen in the middle of their M.S/M.Phi1 programs. Since his joining the college, six teachers have gone abroad to pursue their PhDs through HEC scholarships and financial assistance form relevant universities, and three have secured admission in various universities in Europe. During the past two years, the  research and development the college attracted Rs 2.63 million HEC research funding for the virtualization of data warehouses for improved business intelligence project, Rs. 11.00 million research grant from the National ICT R&D Fund for integrating open source software development into IT education,.Rs 11.3 million Punjab Government funding for upgrading IT infrastructure in the college, Rs 74 million Punjab Government funding for establishing a multi-purpose block with dedicated senior projects laba, fully enabled, technology incubators, and a college software house and Rs 64 million Punjab Government funding for establishing a technology park and Rs 333 million PC-i has been submitted o the University's P&D Cell for inclusion in the PU Rs 4 billion Mega Project He said recently degree programs in BS Software Engineering, MS/MPhiI Computer Science, and MSc GIS (regular) have been introduced. The GIS Centre was made part of PUCIT in 2004 and it has progressed considerably since then. Komal Babar of MS GIS 4th semester said GIS can integrtate ane relate any dasta with a spatial compo9nent regardless of the source of data. Tyhere are many uses of GIS ranging from professional industriers suich as utilities companies, business,m markeating, health, forestry and environmnental management, defence, urban planning and oil or mineral exploration, transportation, preservation etc.