ISLAMABAD - The outskirts of Capital are observing more load-shedding schedules like the rest of Pakistani rural areas contrary to the government's announcement of adopting uniform policy. Incessant load-shedding is not only irritating the people in big cities but it has also become more painful for the residents of rural areas, even the suburbs of capital are facing the agony of long-hours unannounced power outages.      The dwellers of Tarnol, Shahinabad, Ghangi Sayadan and Motorway Interchange are suffering from the unscheduled load-shedding, which persists for over 10 to 12 hours a day in sizzling summer. Residents of the areas located at the rims of the twin cities alleged the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) for sheer discrimination as compared to the posh areas of both the cities. "In posh areas, not only the power cuts are occurring for short times but at a proper schedule as well", they remarked while talking to TheNation on Saturday. Besides the unscheduled power outages for longer times, the rude behaviour of the IESCO authorities further irked the dwellers of the said areas. Naveed Iqbal, a shopkeeper in Shahin Abad, said that concern officers either disconnected the line or misbehaved whenever contacted to lodge a complaint about regarding the hours-long unavailability of electricity in the area. Even some employees of the IESCO, threaten and pressurise the complainers, he said. The residents of the Shainabad were belonging to middle class so IESCO department roughly behaves with them, Naveed alleged. Housewives too have to suffer a lot due to the menace, especially in the evening times. They requested WAPDA and IESCO to announce the load-shedding schedule and strictly follow it, which at least would give the consumers an opportunity to plan their works. Sabir Ali, a resident of Tarnol, said that he had not power to purchase emergency light and rechargeable table fan for his newborn baby. He said people passed the whole nights in their eyes with unrest due to power suspension. The XEN of the Westrage Sub Division when contacted by TheNation refused all the blames by the consumers for unscheduled and extra time load-shedding in the area. "Sometimes, due to several technical faults power outage was necessary in the area", he said.