It is a pity to see how disorientated our priorities have become. Rather than facing and tackling the core issues, we have been smoke-screened by slogans. I feel no hesitancy in saying that the present crisis in our country is media-made and that the electronic media is promoting suicidal politics. While it has every right to criticize the government and the people in power, it must be wary of the fine line between freedom of speech and madness. It should exercise freedom of speech within the confinements of constructive criticism and accountability. Media not just have rights but a solemn duty as well. The current abuse of freedom of speech is in no way promoting the national interests; rather the media is grabbing every opportunity to flex its muscles for commercial gains. Today, Pakistan faces five core issues: poverty, healthcare, education, law and order and self-sufficiency based on indigenous resources. The two immediate, and most burning issues, are food and energy. While the Government has taken steps to tackle these crises, it needs support of the media. -CH. MUHAMMAD NAVEED, via e-mail, June 17.