LAHORE - Renowned television artiste Shujaat Hashmi has said that Pakistan was the second state in the known world history after the State of Madina , which came into being after an authentic ideology so we should feel proud of being a citizen of this state. He was addressing young scholars at the 5th day session of Nazariati Summer School here on Saturday at the Aiwan-e-Karkunan-e-Tehreek-e-Pakistan, which was held under the aegis of the Nazaria Pakistan Trust. He said there was wide divergence between the life of the Hindus and the life of the Muslims, a divergence arising out of their attachment to two completely different codes of life represented by Islam and Hindusim. The divergence was by no means limited to matters strictly religious. It extended to every aspect of life beginning with the way they choose and cook their food, the way in which they bury their dead. The Muslims, he added, were believed to be monotheist, an iconoclast, and egalitarian in their approach to the problems of social organization. The Hindus, he said, on the other hand, were polytheist, a pagan idol worshipper believing in transmigration of souls and caste system and with an enormous range of food taboos. He further said that not only Muslims of India praised the traits of our Quaid-i-Azam but a non-Muslim writer Sarojni Naido, he said, wrote that if Congress would have only one Quaid-i-Azam and Muslim League would have hundreds of Pandat Nehrus and Gandhis, Pakistan would have not commenced into existence, he added. Shujaat Hashmi further revealed that Mountbaten, last British Viceroy in India , also confessed that if Quaid had said 'No' on a specific issue, my government could not convert his 'No' into 'Yes'. He maintained that Pakistan was a unique and distinctive country where all four seasons exists and whose some fruits have only one of their types in the world and whose soil was very suitable for every kind of crop, he added. He remembered that saying of the Quaid was true and significance that Pakistan came into being on the day when first Hindu embraced Islam. He advised the children that India was still trying to dominate Pakistan through dangerous cultural war. However, adolescence scholars, he said, should avoid adopting their culture, instead they should commit to implement Islamic values in the country, he concluded.